Stella Maris School

St.John's Road, just off Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey SK4 3BR.

Located in the tranquil Heaton Mersey conservation area, in a wonderful Victorian building that retains many original features.

Stella Maris School is an independent school that provides affordable education for children from 3-11. For more than 30 years, Stella Maris School has been helping create mature, confident individuals who are able make their way in the world. The Trustees and Head have kindly allowed us to use the school for festivals since 2009. You can see more on Stella Maris School on the school's website.

St. John's Church

St.John's Road, just off Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey SK4 3BR.

St. John's is the Anglican parish church of Heaton Mersey, right on the southern border of the Manchester Diocese, and actually part of Stockport.The parish was once a small village which was swallowed up in the urban sprawl of the last century, and sits on the bank of the river Mersey, which is here a pleasant little minnow reach with fish and kingfishers.

The church is a big Victorian building which is in the throes of continual repair, as and when money becomes available. In fact, it's recently been decorated, following extensive ceiling repairs, and is now rather cool in colour. It's quite nice to look at from outside, set back from the A5145 in its own little circular road around the churchyard, and an immense lych-gate, which looks like some defensive fortification.

St. Paul's Church

St Paul's Road, Heaton Moor, SK4 4RY.

This was a new venue for the 2015 festival, catering for the growing size of the Choral section. It proved to be a very good venue for these performances, and so will be used in future for that section and for the November fundraising concert.

Heaton Mersey Community Centre

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