Rules and Regulations

1. The festival is open to all young people of amateur status who are under 21 on the first day of the Festival. Conductors and choir accompanists are exempted from this rule.

2. The age of the entrant on the first day of the festival will be deemed to be his or her age for entry.

3. Entrants in any choir or orchestra must have been bone fide members of that group for a minimum of two months prior to the date of the performance. Conductors may not sing with their choirs.

4. Entrants may perform only once in any solo class unless they change instrument for a second entry. They may participate more than once in any group class as part of a different ensemble. Names of all participants should be provided in duo, trio and quartet entries, but not in ensemble, band and choral classes.

5. All entries should be made online, at If you are unable to submit entries via this website, please contact the relevant section secretary for assistance. Without full payment of the entry fee by the closing date, the entry will not be valid.

6. Fees are non-returnable, unless a performance is cancelled due to a committee decision.

7. Section secretaries reserve the right to cancel or merge classes when insufficient entries have been received, and to subdivide, limit or refuse entries. Where only one entry has been received, the class may be cancelled and the entrant transferred to a suitable alternative class.

8. Under our Child Protection Policy, photography is strictly forbidden, as is any form of recording, audio and video. The use of electronic sound amplification is not permitted. Recorded backing tracks are not allowed for any classes, please bear this in mind when choosing what to perform,

9. Only stewards and accompanists are permitted in the performance area with the entrants. All our officials and accompanists have CRB clearance from the Federation of Festivals.

10. Time limits must be adhered to and adjudicators reserve the right to penalise performances which overrun.

11. Alternative or additional adjudicators may be appointed. The adjudicator's decision is regarded as final and is not open to discussion.

12. The services of our official accompanists must be used for all solo vocal and instrumental classes, with the exception of choral and instrumental band/ensemble classes. Accompaniments should be submitted to the section secretaries together with entries, and certainly by February 1st. If photocopied parts are submitted, they must be presented in playable condition, the sheets taped together neatly in booklet form so that the accompanist may use them for practice. Unattached photocopied A4 sheets are not acceptable, and our accompanists reserve the right to withdraw their services should these conditions not be adhered to.

13. In all 'Own Choice' classes, a full copy of the work to be performed must be provided for the adjudicator. Under the Music Publishers' Association agreement, each performer must have purchased an original copy, but may also make a photocopy for the adjudicator or the accompanist. The photocopy must be in an acceptable condition (see previous rule) and should be retained by the section secretary after performance to be destroyed in line with the MPA's copyright requirements.

14. The repertoire of some instruments may not be suited to piano accompaniment (e.g. percussion) and if in doubt, the respective secretary should be consulted.

15. The marking system adopted by the Federation of Music Festivals is used. Performances are classed as follows:

75 - 77 marks is Fair
78 - 80 marks is Moderate
81 - 83 marks is a Merit
84 - 86 marks is Commended
87 - 89 marks is a Distinction
90 and above is Outstanding

Place cards (1st and 2nd ) will be awarded in each competitive class, to the recipients of the two highest marks. Adjudication sheets will be given out to all competitors immediately after the adjudication.

16. A trophy may be awarded to the first placed competitor, subject to a minimum mark of 85. All trophies remain the property of the festival, and a parent or other responsible adult must sign the receipt form for the safekeeping of the trophy before it can be taken away. Trophies should be returned to the Trophy Steward no later than February 1st of the following year in preparation for the next festival.

17. In the event of a tie for a trophy, both winners (or responsible adults) must sign for the receipt of the trophy and ensure its safekeeping. The trophy should be held for equal periods throughout the year.

18. In addition to trophies, Festival Medals are available, at a small charge, to all performers who bring their adjudication sheets to the festival office. Certificates of performance, reflecting the mark achieved, are also available on production of the adjudication sheet.

19. The winners of selected classes in each section will be invited, subject to a minimum of 87 marks, to compete for the Rose Bowl in that section. This class will be held at the end of the day, and competitors may perform only once, and should play their winning piece without any alteration.

20. Set pieces should be performed from the edition and in the key specified. A set piece should not be entered for another 'Own Choice' class.

21. Competitors may not enter the same piece of music in more than one class, nor should they enter a piece which they have performed in the previous year's festival.

22. 'Own Choice' entries must be accompanied by full details of title and composer/author. In the case of Speech and Drama entries, the name of the publisher will also be required. Once entered for the festival programme, an 'Own Choice' piece may not be changed.

23. Graded classes: it is normally expected that a performer will only enter one graded class in a festival section. If in doubt, please consult the section secretary.

24. According to the agreement entered into with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society, copyright permission is not required for monologues of up to ten minutes duration. Dialogues and group items are not covered by this agreement and copyright permission needs to be granted beforehand.

25. The Festival Committee cannot accept responsibility for any property left unattended at the festival venues.

26. Any protest regarding infringement of any rule should be made in writing to the Festival Secretary or by email within one week of the date of the Festival. Please provide either an email address or a stamped addressed envelope to facilitate an early reply.